Is getting China right important to your business? 

Mandarin Environment increases the odds that your China 'bets' will pay off. Our clients are international water/wastewater technology companies, investors, and organizations who recognize the China opportunity is important for business growth, and seek an experienced team of market experts. If you oversee business strategy and business development for a water or wastewater technology, you have found a safe pair of hands for China.   





Securing investment from a Chinese fund or environmental corporate is increasingly being seen as an effective strategy for market penetration. But, Chinese investors have unique due diligence and negotiations styles, not to mention language barriers. 


The market for environmental technologies in China is big and getting bigger; however, sifting through opportunities and risks is not so straightforward.  Yet, the market is constantly offering windows of opportunity for international technologies.



Undertaking a pilot project in China calls for more than simply engineering or technical know-how.  In fact, the engineering is the easy bit. The more challenging and strategic questions are where to do it, how to manage it, and whom to partner with.


Smart public relations and a targeted media strategy, coupled with speaking engagements, industry awards, and government recognition are all proven to be an effective means of establishing a defensible market position in China.