Accelerate your China Business

Mandarin Environment's China Water-Tech Accelerator offers international water and wastewater technology companies a low-cost, yet effective pathway for incubation and growth in China.

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What’s your plan for success in China?

• First of all, stop flying around China trying to sell what you think the market wants or what worked in your home market.  Join a trade mission if you enjoy 'country briefings', bus-rides to overly-formal meetings, and piles of business cards.

•  If you are serious about China, adopt a more targeted approach via Mandarin Environment's region-centric Accelerators. 

•Slow down, and spend at least 3-months developing (or re-developing) a China business plan that will actually work, and make refinements by testing it out on on local water-industry regulators, engineering firms, and end-users whom you can cultivate personal relationships with.

•In Sum, invest in local relationships starting with one or two cities/regions.


pilots are the foundation of early marketing

•After multiple revisions to your China business plan, it's time for the Accelerator to arrange one or two pilots with local partners

•Anyone can do a pilot, but you seek a hassle-free pilot with a credible partner, whom you likely know from previous business plan meetings

•The pilot report needs to be designed and edited in a way that makes sense to your future partners or customers in China, not your board back home. 

•In Sum, invest in a well-planned and professionally-managed pilot project


brand reputation should proceed every meeting

•Even if you are unknown in the China marketplace, you will likely find interested parties, and may even consummate a sale or two; however, will you struggle to secure favorable terms of sale.

•Mandarin Environment's Accelerators will help you invest in a city-centric marketing campaign that showcases your successful pilot(s) and close alignment with local business, government, and universities. Remember, you aspire to be a partner with the Mayor in the city's efforts to deliver a clean environment for the people. 

•This is more than simply a facade, it's providing face to local partners who seek to partner-up with innovative international technology companies like yours.   Is there anything more important than face in Chinese culture? 

•In Sum, invest in a strategic marketing and branding campaign to reinforce your premium pricing. 


A Four-City Network

For water/wastewater industry executives interested in market entry or market 'reset', Mandarin Environment's Accelerator network offers strategic and operational footholds in four Chinese cities.  We maintain official partners in each city including government, business, and academia.  

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There are fees associated with joining the 6-month China Water-Tech Accelerator program.  Fees vary depending on several factors including: 1) our local partners appetite for your technology, 2) company size, 3) scope of incubator/accelerator work, and 4) your objectives for the China market.    Please fill out the below form to schedule a discussion with Mandarin Environment. 

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