PowerTech and Aquazoom Win 2018 China BlueTech Awards

Out of 7 innovative water tech companies that were chosen to present their technologies at the Innovation Pavilion at Aquatech China this year, the Judges have selected two companies to win the 3rd annual China BlueTech Awards.  

PowerTech Water, Lexington, Kentucky, USA, received the Most Innovative Technology award for their next-gen water purification technology based on INverted Capacitive deIONization (INCION®), offering a compelling solution to Chinese residential and industrial end-users.   

Cameron Lippert, CEO of PowerTech Water commented, “I would like to thank the judges for recognizing our hard work and determination to succeed in the China market - which we view as an exciting opportunity for us going forward.  Also, I would like to point out that the other Finalists also offer innovative solutions that look promising for the China market. Seeing innovative technologies like those supported by BlueTech Research gives me a lot of hope for the future of sustainable water treatment.” 

AquaZoom™, a brand of CrossTek Membrane Technology based near Boston, USA, took this year’s China Market Readiness award. AquaZoom caught the judges’ attention with their robust RO membrane modules that have demonstrated highly effective solutions for leachate, brine concentrations, hydrocarbon processing, and other complex feed steams. 

The CEO of CrossTek, Bruce Bishop stated, “This award really came as a surprise and I am so humbled to be a winner of the Market Readiness prize in the 2018 China BlueTech Awards. We would like to thank Mandarin Environment, BlueTech Research, and Aquatech China for creating this excellent platform for technology companies to demonstrate their readiness for China.”

Other Finalists of the 2018 China BlueTech Awards included Tusaar (heavy metals removal), WIN-911 (plant alarm software), Hydro-Spin (in-pipe hydroelectric power), BDP Envirotech (biological wastewater treatment), and Meta Materia (augmented biological treatment).    

Judges scored entrants based on the China market readiness factors, including the innovative nature of the technology, leadership team, IP profile, and competitive landscape.

The 2018 China BlueTech Awards Finalists were invited to participate in the Innovation Pavilion at Aquatech China - China’s largest water-technology expo. The Innovation Pavilion has become one of the top destinations at Aquatech China for Chinese environmental industry practitioners seeking progressive next-gen hardware and software solutions to China’s water/wastewater challenges.

Co-organizer Jeff Guild of BlueTech Research reflected on the 2018 awards, “I was impressed with all the Finalists in this year’s competition, and wish them success in their different market segments.  I would like to especially congratulate PowerTech Water and Aquazoom on their awards.”  

Co-organizer John Robinson of Mandarin Environment pointed out that “This year’s competition was strong with all Finalists showing solid China market potential, which was reflected by each company’s booth appearing to be busy all three days of Aquatech China.”    

Technology companies may apply for the 2019 China BlueTech Awards between December 1st, 2018 and January 31, 2019, with Finalists notified on February 15, 2019.    

PowerTech Water与Aquazoom科技公司荣获2018年度中国蓝科奖

今年一共有7家创新水技术科技公司入围上海国际水展的中国蓝科奖决赛,并在水展的创新馆展示各自的技术产品。通过专家评委会的严格评选,PowerTech Water与Aquazoom科技公司最终成功脱颖而出,获得第三届中国蓝科奖。

PowerTech Water公司位于美国肯塔基州的列克星敦,他们的创新水净化技术---逆向电容去离子(INCION®)荣获了第三届中国蓝科奖的“最高技术创新”奖项,为中国的民用和工业终端用户提供了出色的解决方案。

PowerTech Water科技公司的CEO Cameron Lippert回应说,“我非常感谢此次参与评选的专家委员会对我们辛苦工作的肯定和未来成功进入中国市场的信心,这是帮助我们继续前行的令人振奋的机遇。同时,我想指出其他入围此次评选的科技公司同样有能力为中国市场提供创新并且可取的科技产品与方案。蓝科奖研发团队为搜寻更多的科技创新提供了支持与平台,使我对未来水处理技术的可持续发展充满希望。”


CrossTek的CEO Bruce Bishop回应说,“这个奖项的确让我们感到惊喜,非常荣幸CrossTek能在2018届中国蓝科奖评选中荣获“最具市场适应性”奖项。感谢BlueTech Research与中国国际水展为科技公司提供了能在中国市场展现各项技术的出色平台。”

其他入围2018年中国蓝科奖决赛的科技公司名单:Tusaar(重金属移除)、WIN-911(工厂警报软件)、Hydro-Spin(管道水力发电)、BDP Envirotech(生物污水处理技术)和Meta Materia(强化生物处理)。


入围2018年中国蓝科奖决赛的科技公司受邀参加中国最大的科技水展世博会 -中国国际水展的中国蓝科奖创新馆。如今蓝科奖创新馆已成为最顶级的中国环境技术产业发展平台之一,为中国环境行业从业者寻求创新科技解决方案,以应对中国市场的水净化和污水处理挑战。

来自BlueTech Research的协办方Jeff Guild在2018届蓝科奖的评选中表示,“我对今年入选蓝科奖的科技公司印象深刻,祝愿他们在各自不同的市场领域获得成功。尤其恭喜PowerTech Water 和Aquazoom科技公司赢得此次最高奖项。”

来自Mandarin Environment的协办方John Robinson(罗浩)指出,“今年入围蓝科奖决赛的科技公司都展示了他们在中国市场发展的巨大潜力,这体现在为期三天的科技水展中,每个参展的科技公司展台都非常忙碌。”



2019 Awards  

03 - 05 June 2019, Shanghai, China

The annual China BlueTech™ Awards is a platform for innovative international water/ wastewater technology companies to establish their industry leadership and access an ecosystem Chinese regulators, corporates, and investors.  The 4th annual China BlueTech Awards will hold our awards ceremony in Shanghai at Aquatech China. 


Why a competition?

The annual China BlueTech™ Awards provides a high-profile platform for technologies to demonstrate market readiness.

Why now?

China’s municipal wastewater operators and industrial end-users are facing increasingly strict environmental standards, which presents partnership opportunities between Chinese environmental corporates, Chinese clean-tech investors, and international technology suppliers. 


The BlueTech™ Awards is and internationally recognized platform entering its 10th year. For China, the BlueTech™ Awards enters it's 4th year leveraging our experience and judges to assess market 'ready' companies for the China market.

Award Categories

The China BlueTech™ Awards has two award categories: an award for international companies demonstrating China Market Readiness, and an award for Technology Innovation. 


Candidate technology companies must have: 1) at least one successful scale pilot, and 2) capacity to execute fulfill a purchase order within a year of the China BlueTech™ Awards.


Judges and scoring

International technologies are be scored by Chinese judges based on factors relating to ‘readiness’ for the China market.

Readiness factors include: scalability, competitiveness, strength of management, sustainable advantage over time, other important market factors.   

2019 Schedule

Technology companies may apply for the 2019 China BlueTech Awards between December 1st, 2018 and January 31, 2019, with Finalists notified on February 15, 2019. The 2019 China BlueTech™ Awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with Aquatech China on 03 June 2019 in Shanghai.     


The 2019 China BlueTech™ Award winners will receive a number of prizes, including press coverage, a trophy, and an opportunity to deliver a a presentation to Chinese investors and corporates. 


Finalists are required to attend Aquatech 2019 in May in Shanghai where they will have a trade show booth within the Innovation Pavilion. Costs associated with transportation to/from, hotel accommodation, and the booth/stand are to be borne by each Finalist company. 


Mandarin Environment is collaborating with BlueTech Research, and Aquatech China.  Website here

Mandarin Environment's Principal Consultant, John Robinson, welcoming guests to the 2017 China BlueTech Awards. 

Mandarin Environment's Principal Consultant, John Robinson, welcoming guests to the 2017 China BlueTech Awards. 



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