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China BlueTech Awards

The China BlueTech Awards is a platform for innovative Chinese and international water/wastewater technology companies to establish their industry leadership and access an ecosystem Chinese and international experts, corporates, and investors.

Why a competition?

The annual China BlueTech Awards provides a high-profile platform for technologies to demonstrate market readiness.

Why now?

China’s municipal wastewater operators and industrial end-users are facing increasingly strict environmental standards, which presents partnership opportunities between Chinese environmental corporates, Chinese clean-tech investors, and international technology suppliers. Also, over recent years Chinese companies have developed home-grown innovation and world-class technologies and are now focused on overseas market opportunities.


The BlueTech™ Awards is and internationally recognized platform entering its 7th year. For China, the BlueTech™ Awards will uses its expertise and experience in assessing winning companies to identify the most compelling technologies for the China market, and international markets.

Award Categories

The China BlueTech Awards has two award categories: Awards for international companies demonstrating China market readiness, and awards for Chinese companies demonstrating international market readiness. 


Candidate technology companies must have: 1) at least one successful scale pilot, and 2) capacity to execute fulfill a purchase order within a year of the 2016 China BlueTech™ Awards.

Judges and scoring

Chinese technologies will be scored by international judges based on factors relating to ‘readiness’ for international markets. International technologies will be scored by Chinese judges based on factors relating to ‘readiness’ for the China market. Readiness factors include: compliance, scalability, competitiveness, and other important market factors.   


Entrant deadline is Feb 29th, 2016.  Finalists will be announced on April 1st, 2016, and the 2016 China BlueTech™ Awards ceremony will be held in June 2016.


The 2016 China BlueTech™ Award winners will receive: 1) a complimentary booth at one Chinese and one international tradeshow, 2) media coverage in Chinese and English, and 3) recognition during a Gala Awards Dinner. 

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