The foundation for a successful China business is firm grasp of the market landscape. Mandarin Environment utilizes our China network to support our clients with feasibility studies, in-depth market evaluations, and partner identification that not only inform decision-making, but drive the growth of our clients' business.

Market Feasibility Study

The following questions are representative of questions answered in our Market Feasibility studies:

  • Market Size — What is the total size of the market opportunity for our technology in China ?
  • Market Landscape — How is the competition positioned, and how are they succeeding or failing?
  • Market Niches— What are the niche markets we might more effectively play in?
  • Market Trends — What macro and industry factors are driving the market for our technology in China?
  • Market Timing — Is it too early for our technology to realize broad market acceptance in China?
  • Market Risks — What are the key risks we are likely to encounter and how can we mitigate our exposure?

Deliverable:   A China Market Feasibility Study that stands up to senior management and board scrutiny, allowing your company to take the appropriate next steps for the China market.





The following questions are representative of questions answered in our Market Evaluation:

  • Product Portfolio — Which of our products should we lead with and why?
  • Applications — What specific applications is our technology best suited for in China?
  • Channels — What channels are likely to yeild a steady diet of projects we can pursue?
  • Certification/Registration — What paperwork do we need in order to proceed in China?
  • CapEx — What up-front expenses are we likely to incur as we pilot our technologies, market our brand, and conduct business development activities in China?
  • Return on Investment — If we invest X dollars on pursuing China opportunities, what kind of ROI timetable can our board expect?
  • Partners — Who are some shortlist partners we might collaborate with to advance our China agenda?

Deliverable:   A China Market Evaluation that provides tangible evidence of market fit for your technology, allowing you to take the steps necessary to start bidding for an winning projects.


partner identification

The following questions are representative of questions our clients ask us: 

  • Technical Background —  What level of engineering expertise does this candidate partner bring? 
  • Professionalism — Is this company responsive to emails, and do they present themselves in a professional way?
  • Geographic Reach — What is this company's reach in across China?  Which provinces are they strongest in? 
  • Network — Does this company have the right 'guanxi' to open up the right doors? 
  • Company History — Has this company ever worked with any of our competitors? 
  • Fraudulent Activity — Does this company, or senior leadership, have any criminal record? 
  • Partners — Are they involved in any organizations that demonstrate industry leadership / eminence

Deliverable:   A Partner Identification report that offers our clients qualitative and quantitative insights on each prospective partner, plus Mandarin Environment recommendations.