China Wastewater Technology Market - Webinar

China Wastewater Technology Market


China’s appetite for wastewater technologies is indisputably growing. However, talking academically about China’s water challenges is not enough for China business success. This webinar series goes beyond market feasibility and general industry research to explore real-time market intel, innovative sales and marketing channels, and reliable strategic and operational partners. Is your business ready to evaluate new channels and partners for capturing China wastewater technology market opportunities?

Join us for the second in this series of webinars on China's Market for Wastewater Technologies. 

Webinar Panel

Matt Quigley, U.S. Dept of Commerce (Host

John Robinson, Mandarin Environment (The evolving market for wastewater tech in China

Xin He, E20 (Overview of the largest network of Chinese water corporates

Daniel Wong, Sembcorp  (Update on the Nanjing International Water Hub

Paul O’Callaghan, BlueTech Research (Introducing the 2017 China BlueTech Awards) 

Charlie Welsh, IIICorp (Actionable Intelligence on export and finance opportunities in China’s wastewater market

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