Mandarin Environment co-hosts China environmental technologies webinar with senior US Embassy officer, Jay Biggs

Webinar: Opportunities in China for U.S. Environmental Technology Companies

 On September 13, 9am Eastern Time, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Mandarin Environment, and the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council will use a webinar to present opportunities in China for U.S. environment technology companies.

The speakers will include Jay Biggs, a Foreign Service officer assigned to the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and John Robinson, principal at Mandarin Environment, a consultancy which advises U.S. environmental technology companies on China operations and strategy. Their primary area of expertise is water and wastewater technologies.

Jay Biggs will present upcoming projects and programs from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing that are available to U.S. environmental and water technologies companies.

John Robinson will offer practical advice on what specific strategic efforts U.S. water technology companies should invest in if they are interested in the China market. Also, Mr. Robinson will introduce three new China water technology platforms U.S. companies might consider, including: 1) a newly formed water-tech incubator in Nanjing, 2) a water-tech competition in Shanghai, and 3) an investment group making investments in China-focused U.S. water technology companies.

To register, please contact Matthew Quigley, or 248 296 2658.