Undertaking a pilot project in China calls for more than simply engineering capabilities. In fact, the engineering is the easy bit. The more challenging and strategic questions are where to do it, how to manage it, and whom to partner with. A poorly executed pilot is potentially more damaging than not doing one in the first place.



Mandarin Environment’s advisory group offers capabilities to advise on piloting environmental technologies in China. The value of engaging Mandarin Environment includes 3 key steps:

  • Pilot Planning – Our pilot set-up work effectively makes it easy for an end-user/partner to say yes to the proposed pilot.
  • Pilot Management – Oversight of installation, data collection, and any resolution of any issues that arise during the pilot.
  • Pilot Summary – Organizing the results in a way that provides a boost to China marketing efforts.


A completed pilot project, with a bilingual Pilot Project Summary ready to distribute to your marketing channels.

Note:  Mandarin Environment does not guarantee pilot success.  Pilots succeed and fail by degrees.  Our primary value is to increase the chances of pilot success by bringing experience, objectivity, discipline, and China know-how.